The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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David Rooney(Hollywood Reporter): Audiences willing to tune in to its combine of surreal fantasy, droll comedy and sharpness will be rewarded.
Peter Debruge(Variety): Though Stiller has proven he can be much funnier … the emotional extent ultimately makes the film feel further substantial.
David Ehrlich( Kind of like if Akira Kurosawa's Ikiru were remade in the manner that an 114-minute Super Bowl commercial.
Andrew L. Urban(Urban Cinefile): The harshest effects I can say about the pellicle is that it's boring
Louise Keller(Urban Cinefile): It's a taint the film isn't at the same time that inspired as the Sean Penn casting; it fizzles to a benumb thud, with little to engage us reject for the snazzy production design through its effective use of word-messages
Paul Gallagher(The List): Surprisingly in favor of such a big-budget spectacle, it is in the distinct parts that Walter Mitty really works.
Harvey S. Karten(Compuserve): Comes right side more like a series of episodes than a balanced account recital.
Cameron Williams(The Popcorn Junkie): Uplifting travel through physical and fantastical worlds what one. also doubles as a cynic's rout nightmare, beware, this film contains optimism
Cole Smithey( Rather than give how someone like Terry Gilliam [judge "Brazil"] might approach Thurber's socially consummate source material, they have merely imposed a formulaic script that after that doesn't hit its marks.
Simon Foster(Screen-Space): As saggy and stale as the story becomes and taken in the character of bloated and showy as Stiller's general of whimsy is, what is greatest part troubling is the film's confused notice.
Nicolas Rapold(Film Comment Magazine): But what lifts this studio comedy, Stiller's fifth make as director, is its sincere ambivalence round fulfillment in the age of iPhones and fancy saturation.
Tom Shone(Guardian [UK]): It's in addition airless, too perfect, a dream of junction with humanity that flees contact with actual people.
Greg Evans(Bloomberg News): Who would receive predicted that the rich fantasy creation of James Thurber's appointed time-dreaming Walter Mitty looks a portion like a second-rate Wes Anderson movie?
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat(Spirituality and Practice): The tale of a man prone to elude the present moment through fantasies who is transformed whenever he discovers his courage.
David D’Arcy(Screen International): The appearance of this Mitty turns panoramic, except it's generic compared to the 1947 Technicolor lection, in which colour and Kaye knock out from the screen in a in consequence-novel product.
Nick Schager(Slant Magazine): Ben Stiller's aesthetics blend overly manicured imagery with soaring move backward and forward songs that underline every emotion, for fear that the film's corporate logo-driven notice-making didn't get the state across clearly enough.
Eric Kohn(indieWIRE): The movie is puzzled in a Walter Mitty fantasy of its allow.
Rodrigo Perez(The Playlist): "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" employs much used and mawkish methods to achieve a truthless sense of joyfulness.

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