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Tirdad Derakhshani(Philadelphia Inquirer): Filled with surreal touches and shocking scenes of inky humor, Borgman steams ahead with the sway and inevitability of a nightmare.
Andrew O’Hehir( [An] exceptionally disturbing thin skin
Stephen Holden(New York Times): The chronicle's magic is black, its disloyalty driven by evil spirits.
Kyle Smith(New York Post): A palling horror parable disguised as a comedy of mores, the Netherlands' "Borgman" is a tenuity: a genuinely shocking, upsetting movie.
Stephanie Zacharek(Village Voice): The likeness is fascinating for the way it introduces the kernel of every idea and then builds on it slowly, sustaining suspension rather than just leading the auditory right up to the "OK, I reach it" moment and running disclosed of steam.
Sasha Stone(TheWrap): In some era where there are very scarcely any truly surprising films, Borgman is unit of the rare movies that manages to discovery something entirely new to say, by original, oddly drawn characters.
Eric D. Snider( This droll, subtly nightmarish tale could be the growing well brain-boink you've been hungering.
Josh Kupecki(Austin Chronicle): At a time which time modern films pummel you over the seat of the brain with their intentions, van Warmerdam's dubiousness in mapping out Borgman's relentless agenda will hopefully fuel many rewarding, station-screening discussions.
Matt Prigge(Metro): That it in no degree adds up to anything is a accountableness – it plays like 'Dogtooth' without the drive – and the secret to its exceptional success. After all, it never lets up.
Bilge Ebiri(Vulture): You may light upon yourself chuckling at Borgman as plenteous as you recoil at it. It's destined with regard to cult status.
Brian Formo(CraveOnline): The Dutch oddity "Borgman" is sometimes playful, sometimes invigorating, but mysterious to a blemish.
Brian Tallerico( "Borgman" be able to sometimes frustrate but it is some accomplished piece of work, driven ~ the agency of a uniquely malevolent tonal balance and pair fantastic central performances.
Laura Clifford(Reeling Reviews): What's chiefly effective about "Borgman" is Bijvoet's salmagundi of aggressive boldness and reason, his 'creepy crawling' surrounding his benefactress's home flat leading to the repeated invasion of her dreams, a homeless goblin.
Louis Proyect( A home incursion movie that is more Godard than grindhouse, and a refulgent one at that.
Mike D’Angelo(AV Club): With in the way that many outrlements and so few harden answers, Borgman certainly has the makings of a system film, which seems very much ~ means of design. Too much by design, arguably …
Brian Orndorf(Blu-intellectual It's a disturbing prominent part, flirting with incomprehensibility at times, only its way with mounting unpleasantness is frequently masterful, tilted with moments of horrible comedy.
Tim Grierson(Paste Magazine): "Borgman" is a movie touching the way that families fall apart in the absence of ever realizing it until the gross house collapses. Or maybe it's here and there psychic vampires. Maybe both.
Ryan Lattanzio(Thompson forward Hollywood): A nasty, insane, mind-affecting and unpredictable piece of work
Jeff Meyers(Metro Times (Detroit, MI)): It's the complacent of movie where no one behaves like a actual person ought to and a chance of the plot doesn't arrive at sense but you can't ameliorate but be pulled into its eerie, along-kilter web of menace.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): Maddeningly impenetrable, but it gets away with not playing ~ means of the rules. Somehow.

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