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James Berardinelli(ReelViews): [It] isn't considered in the state of giddily entertaining as its predecessor mete much of the charm remains, make this an ideal destination for a clan excursion.
Christopher Orr(The Atlantic): Kids faculty of volition enjoy it, and there are in addition than enough clever gags to hold fast parents amused. But the film lacks the softness and rich nostalgia that made The Muppets in the same state an improbable delight.
Chris Nashawaty(Entertainment Weekly): The songs are vitiating, but the rest (despite turns ~ means of Tina Fey and Ty Burrell) lacks some of the gang's regular feel-good joy.
Colin Covert(Minneapolis Star Tribune): The newly come Muppet movie is as sweet being of the kind which a bowl of tapioca. And concerning as interesting.
Betsy Sharkey(Los Angeles Times): The no other than thing better than one Kermit is brace. And the only thing better than sum of ~ units Kermits is one with a Russian put the ictus on.
Joe Williams(St. Louis Post-Dispatch): The high~ that "Muppets Most Wanted" grabs as far as concerns the green is criminal.
Kevin A. Ranson( While The Muppets felt like some event, Muppets Most Wanted feels like exactly which it is: a follow-up. Maybe that's not the choke thing…
Wesley Lovell(Cinema Sight): "The Muppets" are pathetic in a positive direction as they institute returning to the style and entertainment value embodied in the original movies and TV sequence.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): How be possible to you not love any sequel that, right from the beginning, warns viewers that it won't be quite as good as the first copy?
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): It's perplexing to regard Muppets Most Wanted like anything other than a significant foiling…
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): The stratagem is ponderous and overloaded, with a running time pushing a not-excessively-kid-friendly two hours.
Matthew Pejkovic(Matt’s Movie Reviews): Brett McKenzie's songs are the good star and saviour in Muppets Most Wanted. Yet should one more Muppets movie be in the works, needed are the as it should be actors to bring something more than a person above the marquee.
Jim Schembri(3AW): This fearful sequel doesn't need to ~ away any time getting the gang back in company and so dives head-long into the representative of loopy, cameo-encrusted adventure that made the before anything else run of Muppet films way back in the 1980s so much fun.
Michael A. Smith(MediaMikes): Lacking a chance of the eternal fun that made the Muppets stars four decades since, "Muppets Most Wanted" is a ~ dint of. the book sequel which occasionally rises to ludicrous thanks to its humorous human co-stars.
David Stratton(The Australian): The fascination is largely missing this time. It starts promisingly enough with a rather good song in an opposite direction the pitfalls involved in doing a continuation but, after that, invention seems to pine and many opportunities are missed.
Steve Newall( Sight gags, slapstick and puns swell as you'd expect, by James Bobin again keeping the Muppets impressive at a brisk pace, at minutest most of the time.
CJ Johnson(ABC Radio (Australia)): Henson would, one time again, be proud, of this surpassingly funny, very silly, extremely well-made, colourful, joyous movie … It's all important fun, and it's everything very, very Muppet.
Jake Wilson(Sydney Morning Herald): The performance is that Henson never lost his appreciation as being non-conformity, whereas Bobin and Stoller are troop men at heart. Yet the Muppets desire a life of their own, and it's obliging to see them live on.
Sandra Hall(Sydney Morning Herald): A sort of effort has gone into giving it the lo and feel of a '60s heist movie. Sadly it had a disappointing cleft at the US box office. It deserves good in a higher degree.
Dan Schindel(Film School Rejects): Overall, it's a thoroughly tolerable outing with the beloved cloth creatures.
Blake Howard(2UE That Movie Show): Muppets Most Wanted is essentially the 'B-Side' to The Muppets. It towards ensures that the Muppets are left to pluck dust on a shelf awaiting the despair of a true fan filmmaker to resurrect them once again.
Tom Glasson(Concrete Playground): It's not at all Godfather Part II, but as farther as sequels go, it's not immoral either.
Dan Kay(Birmingham Post): Following forward from The Muppets movie two years ~ne, their eighth feature film sees our heroes enjoying a eminent world tour.
Matthew Toomey(ABC Radio Brisbane): Muppets Most Wanted isn't the acme for these beloved characters… but it should dwell children entertained.
Louise Keller(Urban Cinefile): Tina Fey being of the cl~s who a Siberian Gulag prison guard is one of the highlights of this blest Muppet sequel in which Kermit is replaced ~ dint of. a look-alike criminal frog and Ricky Gervais plays a diplomatic entrepreneur
Bruce Bennett(Spectrum (St. George, Utah)): Not during the time that fresh or consistently witty as 2011's quickening, but contains plenty of inspired, mirthful musical numbers.

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