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Rafer Guzman(Newsday): The movie has any goal: to amuse the most children by the least amount of effort.
Alonso Duralde(TheWrap): The harmonious moments, on the whole, stand out as the highlights of the pellicle; Rio 2 becomes watchable when the flat characters shut up and sing.
Liam Lacey(Globe and Mail): Where the pellicle excels … in an even more pronounced way than the first film, is in the choreographed animation for the musical numbers.
Tirdad Derakhshani(Philadelphia Inquirer): It'll take care of the kids content for a coupling of hours, though it's credible to bore the grown-ups.
Bill Zwecker(Chicago Sun-Times): It's while good as the first one and certain to please both the kiddies and adults by its two-tiered humor.
Betsy Sharkey(Los Angeles Times): Wonderfully buoyant and well-voiced, "Rio 2" is not at all the less too much. Too much plot, in addition many issues, too many characters.
Michael Dequina( So a great deal of is going on here, yet not at all of consequence feels like it's *happening*.
Jeff Vice(Cinephiled): The contrive … borrows very heavily from some of Ben Stiller's live-activity hits, in particular a trio of comedies that, like this would-be 'series,' also worse and other crass as the follow-up films were churned ~right in assembly line fashion."
Todd Jorgenson( … a courtly but shallow follow-up lacking the freshness of each original that was mediocre in the foremost place.
Louis Black(Austin Chronicle): All singing, whole dancing, all color: Rio 2 is a recent, studio animation blockbuster spilling all by the place, rather than arching into the canopy of heaven.
Tim Brayton(Antagony & Ecstasy): A distinguished decline in every way from an original that really couldn't supply it.
Alynda Wheat(People Magazine): The derived Rio 2 is a riot of paint with groovy music, but not a ingenuous original moment to its name.
Dave White( There'll have ~ing a Rio 3. Probably a Rio 4. They power of determination be brightly colored and not pother anyone. You'll simultaneously remember them in some degree fondly and also not remember abundant about them at all. "That some bird," you'll entertain an idea of, "he was ok."
Peter Canavese(Groucho Reviews): Rio was in some degree generic to begin with, and the come-up doesn't fly more distant from the nest…[it's the] vocally virtuosic tender aria, 'Poisonous Love,' that is the similitude's hands-down highlight.
Susan Granger(SSG Syndicate): A mad, family-friendly, musical adventure that's filled by familiar feathered friends.
Andrea Chase(Killer Movie Reviews): bucks the every-day law of diminishing sequel returns through a great story, even better repaired dangers, and a voice performance through Kristen Chenowith as Gabi, a lovesick corrupt dart frog that is destined to become a classic.
Sandy Schaefer(ScreenRant): Enjoyable symphony and traces of authentic Brazilian meaning provide reasonable compensation for Rio 2's derivative qualities and storytelling flaws (if sole barely so).
Radheyan Simonpillai(NOW Toronto): Presents a rancorous sweep of bright colours impeccably choreographed to samba, R&B and bestow tunes. Amidst all the revelry, the priggish plot and characters garner as a great deal of attention as the wheels on a carnival barter.
Jeanne Kaplan(Kaplan vs. Kaplan): "Rio 2" is a frolicsome, colorful, amusing 3D computer-animated venture.
David Kaplan(Kaplan vs. Kaplan): Saldanha's termination is infused with spectacular scenery, toe-tapping symphony, and a myriad of creatures and banner.
Katherine Monk( The colour and sounds of Brazil render certain Rio 2 keeps its exotic plumage, but the plot and pastiche characters arrive straight out of Southern California's massy fat fanny pack.
Wesley Morris(Grantland): Rio 2 has a puerile, delicious-looking beauty. It's like vigilance a box of Froot Loops burst just beyond the tip of your nose. Bring milk.
Kirk Baird(Toledo Blade): Director and cowriter Carlos Saldanha's thin skin is, above all, a spectacular CG travelogue of his indigenous Brazil, with a virtual zoo of Amazonian residents in their otherworldly characteristic habitats.
Steve Persall(Tampa Bay Times): Like its peppy elder, Rio 2 doesn't seem or sound like other animated licenses to im~ money. That alone is reason enough to appreciate it.

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